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System Solution Features


High Yields


Scalable and Flexible


Smart and Reliable

More powerful to load

Lower power loss from inverter

More powerful.jpg
Stronger input and load ability

DC/AC ratio up to 1.2

Support 2 times peak power

Output power factor up to 1.0

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Higher system efficiency

Self-consumption power only 9W

The max. efficiency up to 95%

Parallel extension to increase system capacity

Multiple applications for users

Hybrid connections to meet diverse input

Parallel extension.jpg
Supports multiple parallel operation modes

Up to 6 units in parallel for capacity extension

Parallel operation to form the split phase system or three phase system

Support three phase unbalanced power for the output

Multi-customized modes can be applied to a variety of application scenarios.

SOL mode to improve the backup power

UTI mode in case of insufficient sunlight

SBU mode to decrease the electricity bill

Hybrid connections.jpg
Multiple input power sources available

Support multiple power sources, such as PV, battery, diesel generator and utility

Compatible with Lithium,Lead-acid and GEL batteries

Smart management

High reliability to guarantee the quality

Smart management(1).jpg
Intelligent management operating system

Support WiFi and GPRS communication for remote monitoring

PVkeeper platform for local commissioning

Timing charging and output control

Equalization charging to extend lead-acid battery lifespan

Diverse protection function

BLVD function to extend the emergency loads backup time

Manual maintenance bypass supportive

Diagram of off-grid System

13.jpg 12.jpg
Philippine, 20kWp Off-Grid
Energy Storage System

In the mountainous and hilltop area of Kulambogan, Sibagat ADS, the Philippines, frequent power interruptions from the grid is common and normal to the residents there. To provide a more reliable study environment for the children, this school commissioned JMJ SOLAR to install two solar systems on top of this two-unit school building with two Growatt off-grid inverters, which is of 20kW power output in total. With the sustainable and stable power supply from the solar system, the school can then provide better conditions for the teachers and students.

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Argentina, Off-Grid Solar ESS
Energy Storage System

Cerroasperosolar installed this off-grid solar storage system on an island where grid supply is beyond reach. An SPF ES off-grid inverter and two HOPE batteries, both offered by Growatt, were applied in this project, which will generate a green power supply and coexist harmoniously with the beauty of the island.

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Argentina, Off-Grid Solar ESS
Energy Storage System

Thinking about going self-supply? In Pinamar, Argentina, BZ Energia Sustentable installed an off-grid solar energy storage system for this family who thought the same. With the solar modules installed on the rooftop, the Growatt SPF 5000 ES inverter allows the customer to use electricity generated by themselves. Moreover, the system equipped with HOPE Lithium Batteries can back up electrical power, bringing them reliable solar power when needed.

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Philippines, Off-Grid Solar ESS
Energy Storage System

In this beautiful neighborhood in Parc Regency in the Philippines, SkyBright Solar has installed an off-grid solar energy storage system for one client. Four modules of Growatt’s ARK lithium-ion batteries were stacked and configured with an off-grid inverter SPF 5000 ES by the team, enabling the family to use solar power generated during the day for the night.

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